E Litter


Song of Hope von den Buschchaoten

HD A, ED-free,

CEA,CL, gen.-free
IGS-free, TNS-carrier

rescue dog
therapie dog


Derry Jaime

HD B1, ED-0,

CL, gen.-frei, TNS-free, IGS-free, CEA-carrier

rescue dog

Sometimes things change:

and than... they change again and the first plan... masterplan...
plan of our deepest wishes and dreams are still coming true!

About Deep

Deep is a Male like you could just dream...

He is always cool, relaxest, patient and nice with all people, dogs and animals.
He is very social and unbelievable heartful. He just lives for love... just to get huged or he hugs me...

Deep is an amazing workingdog.
In herding he has a brilliant instinct, is amazing by handling, easy but has a perfect strong drive, he is keen and .... just a dream!!!

He is a brilliant rescuedog and still had his first and succesful rescuemission with nearly one year age.

I am still amazed and overwhelmed to own this boy!
he lives with my three intact girls here with us, with sittingdogs every day, because thats my job.
He needs to come clear with a lot of dogs every day. a lot of males and he is always nice and cute, even my girls are in heat.
What can i tell more about him, he is unbelievable, overwhelming.....

oh of course, he is veeeeery fast and strong, he won a cup for 4th place on a dog show . He got a 4th place two times.

About Hope

Hope is a very special girl to me.
Of course if not i wouldn't breed with her.
She is 7 this year and you would not expect that if you know her.
She is powerful, fast in speed and doing/understanding.

Hope is a good workingdog, especcially for the difficult things and she is a amazing therapiedog with a sense for things wich can't be seen in Children of that age.
You can do everything with her, she does her best.
She is a good rescue dog, nice herding dog and fast in Tricks and Frisbee.

In Allday she is just a cool, relaxed, easy pet. Nice with everyone and everything.

Hope still has two litters, the A and C litter . You can see the health and details here .

I know a lot about her lines and a lot of her family personally.
So for more information feel free to ask.

What i expect :

In this litter i expect easy , sporty, nice dogs .
Very fast and more fine built. Strong and powerful, sensitive and heartful dogs wich can be very good active pets for Trickdogging, Frisbee, Agility....
But especcially also good therapie and herding dogs.

In this Litter there can be black-white and black-white-tan puppies, in long and short coat.

For more informations, about their lines, health and more, please contact me .


Lisa Brüning
48565 Steinfurt